Fitness Products
These products are all items that we have purchased and are 
glad we did. Every one is sturdy and easy to use.
LumiCure Pro Light Therapy Torch

from LifePro Fitness LLC
  LifePro's LumiCare red light therapy lamp uses wavelengths so that you can feel the effect of both red light and infrared light on your muscles & joints. A 3rd wavelength (blue light) is to help combat unwanted bacteria.
  The LumiCure Pro Light Therapy Torch is lightweight and easy to carry along for use on the go. Simply touch the button and enjoy the effective infrared light therapy.

BioRemedy Infrared Sauna Blanket

from LifePro Fitness LLC
   We like this product because of the portability. We have a Therasage 360 home sauna that is great, but it can’t travel with us in our RV or to a hotel. This folds up in a bag for easy transport.
   Sweat out toxins & heavy metals - Great for sensitive skin, infrared sessions increase your body temperature from the inside out, accelerating sweating & the expulsion of metals & toxins. 
   Ease tension and support well being - The sauna blanket has multiple heat settings to reach deep helping reduce recovery time, and diffuse your feeling of unease, tension & stress.
Allevared Pro Red Light Therapy Belt

from LifePro Fitness LLC
  Rejuvenate skin with red light, repair deep tissue & muscle with near infrared light, or combine them for maximum effect! Select the pulsing mode for extra benefit! Good for all parts of your body helping to improve circulation & maximizes the effect of the red & near infrared therapy. 
  Get all the healthy benefits of red light & invisible near infrared light even while you're relaxing sitting, lying down or walking around. Recovery has never been easier! It's compact & light enough to fit in many handbags.

Red/Infrared Light Panel with Stand - 660nm Redlight and 850nm Near Infrared

  Rejuvenate skin with red light, repair deep tissue & muscle with near infrared light, or combine them for maximum effect! Good for all parts of your body helping to improve circulation & maximizes the effect of the red & near infrared therapy. 
AllevaGlove Red Light Therapy Glove
from LifePro Fitness LLC
GENTLY MAINTAINS HAND WELLNESS - Relief for hands can be achieved through 15 or 20 minute daily sessions. 
HELPS KEEP YOUR JOINTS & MUSCLES MOVING SMOOTHLY - The 850nm near infrared lights permeate deep into tissues, joints, & muscles to help keep your hands working as they should. 
MEND CUTS, BRUISES, & SCARS MORE QUICKLY - The combined power of 660nm red light therapy & 850nm near infrared therapy can help speed up your recovery, whether from cuts, bruises, or old scars! 
CONVENIENT, PORTABLE, & EASY TO USE - Infrared light therapy devices are no longer reserved for the spa! Now you can enjoy hand and wrist relief at home or on the road with the durable, travel-ready AllevaGlove!

InfraGlow Red Light Therapy Lamp

from LifePro Fitness LLC
Near infrared light therapy has been used in treating discomforts caused by age, trauma, muscles, joints, surgury and much more.
    Near infrared light therapy can also target conditions with your pets faster, which leads to faster healing. Light therapy provides gentle and soothing warmth, which allows pets to relax and heal faster.
    This lamp is very portable and can be clamped in any position.

Sonic Pro Massage Gun

from Life Pro Fitness LLC
   From pre-workout warm-up to post-workout recovery, deep tissue massage provided by percussion massage guns can help reduce muscle soreness, improve blood circulation, release tension, improve performance, release lactic acid, improve flexibility, break up scar tissue, assist with injury recovery and prevent future injuries from occurring.  And this is very portable and great traveling… for pleasure or business.
   I really enjoy using it after a long day landscaping and garden work.

LifePro 3D Vibration Plate
fromLifePro Fitness LLC
   Stepping onto a vibration plate exercise machine provides immediate relief for back, knees & joints, stimulating your nerves, and relieving tension. (And the grandkids love it.)
  The Turbo body shaker exercise machine delivers efficient Whole Body Vibration to relieve discomfort, heal damages, & accelerate recovery! 
  Improve muscle tone, bone density, & more with the LifePro Turbo Body Shaker vibration platform. Wake up muscles, improve circulation & help the body regenerate. 
  The Turbo is built with 2 motors for pain-relieving 3D pulsating motion. Depending on your goals, use 1, 2 or both!. 

STRONGLITE Portable Massage Table

from Earthlite LLC
COMPLETE PORTABLE MASSAGE TABLE: Includes hardwood beech massage table, adjustable face cradle, face pillow, and a nylon carry case. Weighs only 33lbs and stores easily in car trunks and closets.
EXCEPTIONALLY STRONG: 400lb working weight. Solid hardwood beech legs, corner blocks and double knobs plus a strong cabling system and rigid 6mm end panels make it a table with exceptional strength.
   Great for doing the YL Raindrop technique at home or for mobile massage and physical therapists.

Ereada Infrared Amethyst Mat

from Ereada Corp.
The mats are 100% natural crushed, tumbled and polished untreated Purple Amethyst crystals infused in mesh fabric tubes forming the surface of the mat.No harmful emissions, smell or off-gassing.
  The mat comes in a handbag 24"x20"x8" with two waterproof cases to protect it from spills & sweat. Both the 3-D Air Mesh padded thick protector & thin cover eliminate pressure from stone ribs. The Midsize Mat is perfect for whole body experience & sleeping. It’s easy to use and excellent for a healthy lifestyle.

THerasage 360 Plus Sauna

from Therasage
    The Thera360 Plus Personal Infrared Sauna uses "Tri-Lite” Panels enhancing the Near-Infrared Frequencies and adding Red Light to the Thera360 Full Spectrum Sauna. 
   The Thera360 Plus will enhance Mitochondrial health and cell energy, improve micro-circulation and blood oxygenation, enhance the natural production of Nitric Oxide, and support cellular detoxification, and additional skin and anti-aging benefits, along with all the same amazing health benefits of Full Spectrum Infrared!
    We personally like this Sauna because it is light weight, can be used in any room, easily folds up, and stores in a closet or under the bed in it's own bag. You can take it with you on a time share vacation, but not on an RV trip.

When purchasing use Coupon Code  TERRYM10 for a 10% discount.

Total Gym XL7 Home Gym

from Total Gym LLC
   This home gym utilizes your own body weight for resistance training, eliminating need for free weights; adjust the percentage of body weight lifted from 4% to 69%, by easily moving incline up or down.
    Fully assembled, folds up and rolls away; multiple levels of resistance, three- and four-point pulley system, dual side glide board pulleys, and ball bearing rollers; upgraded extra-large squat board and chrome-plated rails/attachments. Has a 350 pound user capacity.
    We have had our trainer for several years and it still works great.