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Amazon Items
If there is one place where you can find almost anything other than Amazon, I haven't found it yet.


       Turn your 5ml/15ml EO Bottles
                   into Roller Bottles

25 Pack Essential Oil Roller Bottles       

Advanced Oral Health Probiotics

3-Piece Microfiber Massage
Table Sheet Set 

Natural Boar Bristle 
Body Brush
from Belula Care

Paying a lot for cable TV and never use it? We ditched the cable and saved enough the first month to buy this HD Digital TV Antenna.

GOOLOO GP2000 Battery Pack
from GOOLOO Products
   I bought a GOOLOO  GPower180 jump starter (no longer made) several years ago.  It has been a real time/life saver for me. I don’t have to wait an hour for AAA to show up any longer or lug around a 25 lb bohemoth battery. The largest vehicle I have jump started with it was a Ford V-10 RV with a totally dead battery and it started with ease.  My GooLoo has sat in my truck for 6 months at a time and still maintained a 98% charge when checked.  My newer GP2000 is twice as powerful as the GPower180 (and it cost less).
  Both of my GooLoos are equipped with USB ports to recharge smartphones and other USB devices.  They also have a super bright LED light with 3 modes: Flash Light, Strobe Light and S.O.S. signal. There are other models available, but for now the GP2000 will go in my truck and the GPower180 will ride in my wife's car.  I am a "happy camper".

Clear20 RV/Marine Water Filter
from Applica Water Products, LLC 
    This is the best RV water filter I’ve used.  What’s great is that it filters the water supply to my RV like a whole house system.
    Ideal for RVs, campers and marine users.  Good for 3 months or more depending on use and water source quality.
    Eliminates the unpleasant sulfur taste and odor from campground water. Reduces harmful contaminants Lead, Chlorine, VOC from your water for drinking, showering, cleaning, and rinsing.  
    A proprietary solid carbon block (not granules) filters contaminants down to 1 MICRON.  That’s 70 times smaller than a human hair!  Other RV water filters only filter down to 20 -100 microns.

WiFi Magnetic Hitch Camera
from Rear View Safety
   I've had my camera for over 3 years.  My truck did not come with a back-up camera installed, and this works better for me than an OEM camera anyway. I have a 28 foot travel trailer and this camera works great for my use... day/night (has infrared)... rain or shine.
  This small magnetic hitch camera connects by WiFi to my smartphone/tablet allowing me to see the camera view on my phone's screen. The system works with an app called "RoadVue" or the "Safety Cam" app. The WiFi signal provides a connection up to 50 feet. It has a rechargeable battery and a magnetic base, which can attach to the back of my truck for hitching up a trailer or to the rear trailer bumper for backing  the trailer into my site. 

These are some of our favorite Go-To sites for Health & Wellness.

Thrive Life
from Thrive Life LLC
   I love watching people take their first bite of a Thrive Life freeze-dried strawberry! Their eyes pop and their lips turn into a smile as they enjoy this delicious berry in a way they didn’t expect!
   Don’t get discouraged by your grocery budget. I know it can get frustrating, but believe me there are solutions. A good place to start is by making a list of those foods you throw out most often when going bad. For many families that may be spinach, berries, apples, bananas, onions, or mushrooms. Instead of buying these from the grocery store, purchase them from Thrive Life!
   A great use of these products for us is traveling in our RV. They need no refrigeration (saving fridge space for perishables) and they are very light weight compared to store bought canned goods. We make up several soups and stews at home and store them in zip-lock bags. It is a great time saver when on/off the road.  And don't forget those times of power outages, snow storms, and etc... Be Prepared with food on hand!
RUVI (30 second smoothie}
   We know it can be hard to eat enough fruits and veggies. They take time to prep, they're messy, and don't always taste good. But without them you lack energy and vitality. RUVI is an easier, tastier way to get your fruits and veggies. Simply pour the freeze-dried powder into a shaker bottle with water, shake and drink!
   Each pouch contains 4 servings of whole fruits and veggies, picked at their peak nutrition and freeze dried to lock in those nutrients and all that flavor!
No fridge or blender needed. 
When you're ready for a Ruvi, it's tear open,
 add to water, shake, and drink.

   Remember to add the skaker in the cart with code FREESHAKER on your first purchase.

Organic Supplements

from Bulk Supplements 
 Organic Supplements that are clean, pure and simple should be affordable too. Bulk Supplements keep their packaging simple and clean, just like they make their organic supplements so we don't have to pay for unneeded "stuff".  We have used many of their products and have been thoroughly pleased with the products, customer support, and the price.

EMF Protection

from Body Align LLC
  We all want to enjoy the speed and the technology of our devices. Smartphones are akin to laptops of the past. These advances require networks to improve their speed and service. From 2G, to 3G, to 4G, and now 5G networks. 

  Communication towers for the 5G networks need to be lower to the ground so the speed is increased. The network communication from your phone to the towers is constant unless the phone is in "airplane" mode. Today, the number of smartphones in the market is greater than ever before. More satellites are going up into our atmosphere every day to connect all the networks.
  Body Align offers the Cell Phone Protect Disc to provide the signaling to the body in order to keep the body's reaction to the EMF low and in a calm state.  Thus, reducing the amount of long-term exposure from EMF frequencies and increasing our safety.

Advanced TRS
from Coseva Inc
  Your air, water and food are saturated with toxins—that means your body and mind are too. Advanced TRS uses breakthrough nanotechnology at the cellular level to remove and cleanse toxins and heavy metals from your body. All this is performed at the cellular level.
   With its proprietary clinoptilolite zeolite formula, Advanced TRS captures toxic heavy metals like mercury, arsenic, aluminum, lead, chemical toxins, radioactive toxins, and free radicals that impair your body and weigh down your mind. With daily use, a few sprays each morning and evening will reveal your body’s full potential.

AquaRain® Model 303 Water Filter
from AquaRain
All 100% American-Made Components: 3-Gallon Capacity, Heavy-Gauge 303 Stainless Steel Housing with a Brushed Finish and Low-profile Lid, 3 Ceramic Filter Elements, containing Granulated Activated Carbon with Self-Sterilizing Metallic Silver.. 
Without any plumbing or attachments and with no power connections or chemical pre-treatments, the patented sub-micron ceramic technology positively removes dangerous living organisms and harmful bacteria from your drinking water... naturally... using micro-filtration and the natural force of gravity. A dense and highly absorptive carbon filter bed has been incorporated within the micro-pore ceramic shell, and sterile metallic silver is added to maintain purity.
We’ve used our AquaRain filter since Y2K (over 20 years) and have changed the filters only ONCE (maybe twice). We chose the AquaRain filter over Berkey because…it is 100% USA made, less cost, 3x the warranty, 3 gal vs 2.25 gal, and has 1 more filter element than Berkey allowing faster gravity drain.

Alpha Bios Fulvic/Humic Blend
from Theon Global LLC
    ALPHA Bios Fulvic Humic Blend improves sleep and daytime energy – fulvic acid is bioavailable and helps with the absorption of minerals and nutrients in your body. 
    Because fatigue and sleep can be linked to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, taking a fulvic acid supplement may help to improve the quality of your sleep and stabilize your energy throughout the day. 

Cataract Clear EYE drops

  Cataract Clear XTRAMAX eye drops contain 4.2% of the active ingredient N-Acetyl-Carnosine, over 4 times more than many similar eye drops that also contain N-Acetyl-Carnosine as the active ingredient. Cataract Clear eye drops are completely holistic, which means NO nasty additives, chemicals, preservatives or thickeners.  

Dr Christopher Herbal Eye Capsules
from Wholistic Botanicals LLC
  A synergistic blend of whole food herbs to help support the complete health of your eyes. Features a proprietary blend of Bayberry Bark, Eyebright Herb, Goldenseal Root, Red Rasberry Root, and Cayenne Pepper.

Dr Christopher's Herbal Eye 

from Wholistic Botanicals LLC
  • Synergistic blend of whole food herbs for the eyes   
  • Designed to support optimal eye health  

  • I am personally using this after reading many reviews. I have a cataract evaluation in July, and I do not want to have surgery.

XPRS Nutra 00 Capsules 
for Essential Oils

Cap-M-Quik 00 Capsule Kit

OMRON Blood Pressure Monitor
Dual settings allows two users
Very Accurate

Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Monitor

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