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The Essential Oil reference books below are fantastic for
looking up a wellness issue or how to use an oil.

The NEW First Edition  81/2 x 11
Full Color Complete Home Desk Reference

All New 1st Edition Essential Oils – On the Go Reference in 

Learn secrets of the ancients and why essential oils are important

Convenient 5 x 7 Size
Older Third Edition Version
Doesn't have newer oils-but may be more non-compliant

Learn About the Oils
 in the Bible


Take it with you to help
 those you meet

A shirt pocket size (3 1/2 x 5) guide for the most common 49 oils, 44 blends & benefits all in 63 pages.

Fantastic Down to Earth Reads
         Jen O'Sullivan books,  Highly recommended information
  French Aromatherapy - lots of recipes       
 Undomesticating God - very good Bible study                           
         Jen O'sullivan books   All highly recommended

Essential Oil Truth and Make and Takes---many coveted recipes
Supplements -1st edition-know how to use your YL supplements

            More Jen O'sullivan  Books-all much needed information
Supplements - 1st edition-know why you need which supplement
Essentially Driven - older edition-learn how and why of YL opportunity
Vitality - needed information and recipes on the oils.
    Must have info to know about these oils and health

D.Gary Young - Gary's life and the founding of YL - excellent read
Innoilvation - Dr Corrigan-always read his books!
Road to Wellnes- written by Debra Rayburn-Royal Crown Diamond-think you'll learn about your health? Oh, my yes!

          Must have books to have on hand
Large size-many testimonials, recipes, how to use oils
Small-great info on each body system and what to use-both different and both needed
The book that exposed it all.
Are you or anyone you know dealing with cancer? Ty Bollinger shares what you can do instead of chemo and radiation treatments-which kill cells-both good and bad.

Each of these has lots of info and DIY recipes.
Buy one or the bunch.

All different. All essential. Buy one at a time or the whole bunch for a great deal. 
Cleansing books with many recipes for body and house. Time to get rid of toxins in the home causing many health problems. Start learning how with these.
What better reading than learning how oils were mentioned and used in the Bible

Hear that coconut oil is good for you? Read about "how good" and you won't use anything else!
Guess what this is about? Healing!

Excellent book on how Jodie rid her son of autism!

For Our 4 Legged Friends

Reading That Makes Scents

Need A Gift for Someone?
from Grandkids to Grandparents
(Shipping extra)
Once In A Lifetime

Kids & Grandkids Needed


A Special Limited Edition


Holds 5  15ml Oils

This diffuser is crafted from terra-cotta clay and baked for 10 hours. The wood base is from Thailand. Has eight light options and can diffuse up to 7 hours.

Can I just get a hug?
(5ml Lavender included)

Each  piece of white clay is fired twice to get the translucence of pure white porcelain and hardness. Up to four hours of diffusion, and three automatic timers. Its translucent glow is fabulous.

Aroma Lux diffuser fits in this bag.
Email for more info

2 Great DVD's
Learn how to give a Raindrop.
Great hard-to-find info from Gary young.

All these bags are exclusive to the Mona Lavender farm--we've been there and brought these home to you!

Hard case-holds 16 vials to have onhand to give as samples.
Purple, gray, teal, and pink.

Holds 30 5/15ml bottles. Pocket for another 12 15ml oils or rollers. Additional zippered area for paperwork.

Soft bag. Holds 10 15 ml bottles.Comes in black, purple, teal,and gray.

A Fantastic Read For History Buffs or Students
It is upon everyone to read on our American history. This book has much to offer to students & grand parents alike.

   Contains a 156 page study
guide and DVD

Did you know you have a heart of gold?
USED - Has some highlighting.
Late 19th century work on Biblical eschatology.

Support for your business.
All good info for you and/or your team. Love the downline Leadership book.
Buy one or all of these to help you grow!

These have the answers to get you going!

Anyone need help in these areas?

These are older Gameplan books-which is why they are discounted. But, as always, Sarah Harnish is always good! Set includes Book and workbook.

Pocket size book to pass out to interest others in using the oils!

Always fantastic information to share everywhere you go-at an affordable price!