Are YL Products Expensive?

I want them, but can I afford them?  

The definitive answer is YES!!..Read more....

At first glance, these products DO seem expensive, compared to dollar store or harsh chemical laden products, but let's take a look.....

1. First of all, consider what you are getting. There is no other essential oil company that has the quality, the expertise, and the longevity of Young Living. There is a reason that we have been in business for over 30 years and have almost $2 billion in sales annually. Our customers testify to what these oils can do for you and our brand partners show the greatness of the structure.

2. The quality and purity of the oils, the strength of the products, the integrity of the company, and the concentration of many of the items make the cost less of a factor and the value more important.

3. What do I mean by that? Many of the products, such as the line of shampoos, conditioners, etc can be diluted 2-3 times and still be just as good and potent. Our Thieves Household Cleaner, which cleans all rooms from the bath to the kitchen, uses only 1 cap full in a 16 oz spray bottle for most jobs - costing just $.81 (wholesale) per spray bottle and making 29 spray bottles. It can be diluted even further for windows and light jobs. Works out cheaper in the long run than any household cleaner from the store.

4. You don't have to take more money out of your budget - just re-purpose the money you are now spending at the grocery store for harsh products for safe toxin free products that will help protect your family and well-being by not exposing them to more harsh chemicals.

ways to stretch your dollars

Young Living has two options to help you get started as a Customer and unlock a 24% discount on all your purchases!

     - Purchase 100 PV or more on your first order or...

     - Add at least one or more item to a "Loyalty Rewards" order at a 1-, 2-, or 3- month frequency.

You can choose from any of the 600+ products available from Young Living so be sure to check out items specific to your goals and needs. You can even choose one of the pre-made bundles, making your checkout experience a breeze. Please enter my Young Living number in the referral spot or use my special referral link so I can help connect you to our oily community!

And just so you know… you are never required to sell anything when you become a "Customer" with Young Living. However, if you decide to share this wellness lifestyle with others and want to earn a paycheck while doing so, consider becoming a "Brand Partner" and purchasing a Business Essentials Kit. You can either do this on your first order or later on down the road - completely up to you! For more information on becoming a Brand Partner with Young Living please contact me.

NOTE: People can checkout as a "Guest" and choose not to create a YL account. However, this may make them ineligible for certain programs and ordering information. They will not receive the 24% discount, but they can still enter a referral ID if they have one.

When you add an item to your "Loyalty Reward" cart, you automatically score in the convenience department. But what if you could earn points on what you were buying as well?  You can do that also!

Just make sure your "Loyalty Rewards" order contains at least 50 PV and you’ll start earning 10% in spendable points!  Do that consecutively for 3 months and you’ll start earning 20% back.  Do that consecutively for 24 months and that percentage bumps up to 25%!  Ordering consistently every month like this also makes you eligible for loyalty gifts (those are free products earned in addition to your points).

Don’t think you want to order 50 PV consecutively? That’s OK, too. You will still earn 10% on your 50 PV "Loyalty Reward" purchases - no matter the frequency.

Make the decision to rid your household of toxins and have a BETTER, more vibrant, lifestyle working towards A better LIFE for your whole family. You can do this and be healthier a year from now---but it takes a commitment to start....right now...not!
 We want to work with you and help you in every way we can to achieve better health and financial freedom-if you choose that! ----

We offer one-on-one coaching when you get started on our "Oily Lifestyle" team. 
In addition, we will send you our welcome package of literature to help you use your oils and we walk you step by step through any issues and questions you may have getting started.
Our FB groups are also an encouragement and help in these areas as well as our discussion groups.

You just need to make the decision that this is for YOU---if you are ready, just click on the 
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We will see you on the inside and be in touch with you.

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