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Essential Oil BasicsEveryone's talking about Essential Oils. Have YOU wanted to try them but not sure what they do, where to get them, or what to use? This class will give you the basics on what they are, how they work (yes, they do), and how to know what YOU should buy. 

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Toxin Free LivingI am shocked to see how many chemicals we are exposed to each day in our food, in our home, in self care items, cleaning products, etc.  Exposure to toxins may be affecting your health-short & long term. Learn more about them & how you can eliminate/cut down on them

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All Things Thieves

Thieves? Heard of it? Most people have.  
It's an amazing line of toxin-free, must-have products.
If you are concerned about what you are now using in your house and want something better to use--this email series may be just what you are looking for.

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      What's This Ningxia Stuff
Ningxia wolfberries come from the Province of Ningxia in China and has the highest anti-oxident value of any wolfberries. Take this class series and see why our Ningxia Red drink, made from this wolfberry,  can help tremendously with a healthy lifestyle.

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  Why Consider a YL BusinessAre you doing what you were born to do? Getting paid what you're worth? Are there times when you've wanted to have your own business and work from home instead of for someone else? Are you set for retirement? Are there people you would like to help with their health? Get this email class and see if YL can help meet those needs for you.

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   Essential Oils and Emotions

Let's take a look at what happens in your body when you smell an oil. Can it really affect an emotion? 
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